Adopt Solar. Spread the Word. Earn Rewards.

When you adopt solar - an eco-friendly option for powering your home, you set an example for not only your friends and family but for the entire community. There are clusters of solar-powered communities all across the country that started when a customer, just like you, started referring their friends and family!

When you refer a friend, family member, or someone from the neighborhood to install solar it's a win win situation for everyone. You earn cash, your friends save money, and together as a community can reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change.

How does it work?

You and the person you refer can receive a referral bonus up to $1000* (each) just by spreading the word about how easy it is to switch to solar with Comet Energy! Moreover, you'll be helping to lower our collective environmental footprint, securing our energy independence, and bolstering a growing green economy.

Have your friends get in touch, and make sure they mention your name when they first talk to us. Or send us their name and phone number and we'll follow up with them. It's that easy!

*Referral amount is dependent on the size and equipment purchased. Referral bonuses of $500 or more will require IRS Form 1099 to be filled out.

Wish to know more about the referral program?

Do you regularly share what inspired you to make the switch to solar? Do you find yourself telling friends, family, and colleagues about your experience switching to solar with Comet Energy? Then you would be best suited for our referral program.